Belle Delphine.

Belle Delphine Rumoured To Be Releasing OnlyFans Video With KSI On Christmas Day

Rumors are gaining momentum that on Christmas Day, YouTuber Belle Delphine is expected to release an OnlyFans video with fellow internet character KSI

A sudden advancement? Well quite, quite. When KSI tweeted this the first suggestion came:

To which Belle replied: “Biggest plot twist ever.” With those enigmatic emojis, she then quoted-tweeted it:

But if you think all of this is a little too cryptic, let’s back up a little bit. This comes after a November podcast, where Delphine said she would do an OnlyFans video with KSI – adding that she wouldn’t even have to pay.

She was asked to rate the YouTube community Sidemen – of which KSI is a member – and pick her top three, featuring on the Happy Hour podcast.

She ranked KSI number one, prompting host JaackMaate to ask her if the YouTuber will be doing an OnlyFans video.

She replied, “Oh, what kind of video? Oh, I’d have to do that.”

“I wouldn’t sleep with him, but there are other things… like not crossing the line but still would be like, cool. I mean it’s KSI.”

When she was asked how much money it would cost her to do it, she said: “Honestly, nothing, because it’s KSI.”

She said, “Plus it would be fun, to do it for free!”
Add this to the comment from Delphine to the Twitter announcement from KSI, and it’s all steam for the rumour mill.
Fans have been speculating rightly on what they could be about to do, and all of them are cheerfully denying Delphine’s statements that she wouldn’t sleep with her fellow internet star.
One user definitely feels they’ve sussed it, referring to KSI’s tweet with You’re giving us an unexpected gift on Christmas. Belle Delphine revealed she’s making a sex tape with her boyfriend who she’s been hiding for 3 years on that day. You also haven’t showed your girlfriend, coincidence.”

“Coincidence that Belle Delphine is doing her video on Christmas Day? I think not.”The coincidence that on Christmas Day Belle Delphine is doing her video? I don’t think so.

“WELL… Belle Delphine is releasing her porno on Christmas Day and KSI was supposed to release a porno and now he’s saying he’s bringing out something on Christmas none of us will expect, coincidence?”Well… on Christmas Day, Belle Delphine launches her porn, and KSI was supposed to release a porn, and now he’s saying he’s taking something out on Christmas, won’t either of us expect it, coincidence?

Delphine has accrued 1.83 million YouTube subscribers-she had her YouTube channel recently canceled, but says it was done ‘without notice’ regarding ‘adult stuff.’

She explained via direct message to YouTuber Kavos on Twitter: “I think it’s pretty s*** because all the videos were kept up, just age-restricted that I was cool with so I thought it would be fine for me to post them.”

“They went from nothing to straight-up ban.”