YouTube Scrambles.

YouTube Scrambles to Delete Videos After Vlogger is Arrested for Livestreaming Pregnant Girlfriend's Death

In sub-zero temperatures, a spectator reportedly charged to see her pushed outside wearing nothing but panties.

YouTube is reportedly attempting to track and erase videos appearing to show a Russian vlogger live streaming the death of his girlfriend.

The Mirror announced that Stas Reeflay was arrested after he reportedly forced his 28-year-old pregnant girlfriend Valentina Grigoryeva outside to wear only her panties on a balcony in sub-zero temperatures.

TooFab’s horrific footage seems to show Reeflay carrying her dead body back to his apartment, all while the camera is still working.
The 30-year-old Reeflay, whose real name is Stanislav Reshetnikov, was paid $1,000 by one of his subscribers to cause the torture, according to local media sources.

Originally, the video was not streamed on YouTube, but copies of it started circulating rapidly on the web on Friday morning, faster than they could be pulled down by Google.

A representative told TooFab in a tweet, “We’re shocked to learn of this tragic incident,” “This kind of graphic content is not acceptable on YouTube.”

“Although the original live stream did not take place on YouTube, we quickly removed reuploads and terminated the associated account.”
The pink-haired Grigoryeva, seated in front of the monitor with Reeflay and another woman, an open bottle of liquor in the foreground, seems to reveal one copy of the sick video; Grigoryeva, looking intoxicated, grabs a knife and threatens him before falling off the screen, while the other two seem to want to detain her.

The unresponsive Grigoryeva, who wears only a bra and underwear, is later seen pulling Reeflay back into the room by her arm from the corridor and attempting to wake her up before leaving her lying on the floor to begin talking to the camera, also swinging from an open bottle.

He goes back to the body, sounds more and more frantic, calls her name, and even tries CPR. “Damn… I do not feel her heartbeat,” he says in Russian. “Guys… No pulse… She’s pale. She is not breathing.”

Before cradling her lolling head in her lap and sobbing, he was later seen calling an ambulance.

At one point, before sitting down and starting to answer his Livestream fans, Reeflay takes the body to a couch and wraps her with a blanket.

When two medics arrive and seem to make zero attempt to rescue her, quickly checking on her before questioning Reeflay, the surreal scene is further exacerbated.

Grigoryeva died of possible hypothermia, according to the sources, but Reeflay would only face a penalty of two years in jail if this were to be the case.

That was not the first time Reeflay reportedly humiliated his girlfriend for clicks, either; he doused her with pepper spray in one of his previous live streams, The Mirror reported.

The YouTube spokesman assured TooFab that they would be deleted by regulation, even though those gruesome or abusive videos are faked, if it is not immediately apparent to the user that they are not genuine.