Travis Scott rakes in cool $20M.

The “Fortnite” concert in Travis Scott is said to have “roughly” increased by $20 million.

A source said that the hip-hop legend for the Epic Games title, held for the five days in April, won megabuck rappers. A source confirmed that the event was a “astronomical event. All products sold included the total.
The publication was informed by Epic’s Phil Rampulla: “The world is shifting.
“It’s something awesome you could bring. Otherwise it’s ‘that’s an ad.’ And it’s all glossing over.”
12 million players around the world saw the performance.
The event included materials from the game, such as an emote inspired by Travis’s signature posture that kept his microphone upside down while shouting.
Since then, “Sicko Mode” has signed big deals with Sony and McDonald’s.

In the hope of improving profits after they crashed during the coronavirus pandemic the 29 year old rapper partnered on the fast food chain with a limited edition meal deal dubbed The cactus jack meal — featuring a quarter bacon and cheese pounder, fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite.
And the result was a 4.8 percent rise in McDonald’s revenue compared with the preceding year after dropping by almost 9 percent during the lockdown.

US Marketing Manager Morgan Flatley, McDonalds said We have recently moved beyond our traditional comfort zone.”

The food offer was only available for a small number of U.S. restaurants with an immense demand for The Cactus Jack.

After Michael Jordan published McJordan in 1992, Scott became the second celebration to partner with his chain.
He said of the partnership earlier: “I couldn’t be more excited to put the collaboration of Cactus Jack x McDonald into being. Two iconic worlds are brought together. It was important for me to have a charitable aspect and I can’t wait to see what we have in store for people.”

In addition to the food offer, Scott also started products like a body pillow shaped as a nugget, a cartoned tap, a retro-style basketball and a sponsored jersey.

In the interview for Forbes Travis said, “It’s all going to be done in the next weeks,” as to what he’s working in the PlayStation after signing a multi-year contract with Sony.