Jake Paul Knocks Out.

Jake Paul Knocks Out Nate Robinson And Challenges Conor McGregor
Jake Paul Knocks Out Nate Robinson And Challenges Conor McGregor

YouTuber Jake Paul knocked Nate Robinson out of the fight and claimed his second victory.
The 23-year-old won one minute and 35 seconds in second round – Robinson falling on his stomach before he recovers.

On the undercard for Tyson v Roy Jones Jr’s fight were Paul and the former NBA star.
Paul had two knockdowns before his victory.
After the battle, he said: “I’ve been speaking lots of s***, but I’m supporting it When his opponent was asked: “It was better than I expected, sportsman, he’d be very powerful.

“It’s a lot of sense for me. Paul has a keen eye on former UFC star Conor McGregor, now and counts he has what it takes to knock him out It’s nice to win.”
Paul said to BT Sport: “I take it seriously.
“There’s a long list of opponents I like. I’m going to knock all of them out, Conor McGregor, Dillon Danis.
“There’s my brother, there’s KSI on the line, Austin McBroom. I want to be in this sport a long time. I’m in love with it so why not.” I’m in love.
Danis replied already To be careful what you want” to the YouTuber.

Paul called McGregor again in a post on Twitter and wrote:

Paul said earlier that when it comes to fighters transitioning from MMA to boxing, they have to work a lot.”

“These MMA guys go to practice every day and have to spend their whole day on one thing – elbows, knees, grappling, take downs so there’s a lot they have to work on he said.

“But I’ve been going into the gym for the past three years and all I’ve been focusing on is boxing, so come over into my arena and you’re going to get your a** beat.” McGregor haven’t yet responded to Paul.